Candy has graciously shared her photos from Dragon Con Show in Atlanta, GA. All three of our favorites were celebrity guests - not only signing autographs, but appearing on a panel all three days. Some portions of the panel are elsewhere on the web in video form. Thanks, Candy, for Sharing!

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candybarbaraandjudysaturday_small.jpg barbaraonsaturdayspanel_small.jpg larryoffersasaluteonsaturday_small.jpg
leavingsaturdayspanel_small.jpg majorhealeyalwaystheclown_small.jpg candyandbarbaraonsaturday_small.jpg
jonandbarbaraawaittheelevator_small.jpg leavingsaturdayspanel2_small.jpg thecrowdwontletthemgo_small.jpg
leavingthestagesaturdayspanel_small.jpg barbaraleavesthephotoop_small.jpg barbaraandtherhinestonetshirt_small.jpg
candyandbarbarasaturday_small.jpg candywiththecastatphotoop_small.jpg
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