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Abraham Sofaer (Haji) – died 1/21/88, last role was in “Kolchak: The Night Stalker” (74)      and “Chisum” (70)


Arlene Martel (Maj. Tiomkin) – died 8/12/14, last in “What Do Women Want” (96), does Star Trek

            Conventions because she was Spock’s wife


Arte Johnson (himself) – “Animaniacs” voiceovers, “The Stan Freberg Commercials(99)


Arthur Malet (Uncle Vasmir) – died 5/18/13, voiceovers in “Secret of Nimh” (82) and “Secret of

            Nimh II” (98), “Anastasia” (97)


Barbara Bostock (SueEllen) - “The Spell(77)


Benny Rubin (Dr Wedemeyer, Arabian Reverend) – died 7/15/86, last role was “Pleasure Doing Business” (79); buried at Hillside Memorial Park in Culver City, CA, Garden of Memories section. (Photo in our photo layout of gravesites.)


Bernard Fox (Arnie) – still acting and doing appearances for Bewitched “Dr Bombay”, “The Mummy” (99), “Titanic” (97), voice in “Rescuers Down Under” (90)


Billy Mumy (Custer) – recording artist, released 5 CD’s, acts “Comic Book: The Movie” (04), “It’s Still a Good Life” (Twilight Zone movie-03), narrates many A&E Biographies, www.billmumy.com


Bob Denver (Harold) – died 9/2/2005 “Miss Castaway” (04), “Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis”(88), various appearances for “Gilligan’s Island” on TV Land. www.bobdenver.com. Cremated, location of ashes unknown.


Bobby Hart (himself) – composes


Butch Patrick (Richard) – lives in St Pete Beach, FL, voiceovers on “The Simpsons


Carl Ballantine (Carl Tucker) – “Farewell to Harry(02), “Million Dollar Kid”(’00), “Aimee Semple McPherson”(’04 in post-production), voice of Al Swindler in “Garfield and Friends”


Dabney Coleman (Lt. George Webb, Capt Yardley)– voiceover on “Recess”, “Where the Red Fern Grows” (03), “Moonlight Mile” (02)


David Soul (Orderly) – musician, “The Puritan(04), “Deadwood”(04)


Dick Sargent – died 7/8/94 of cancer, “Acting on Impulse” (93), “Frame Up”(91),

            Teen Witch” (89); cremated, ashes in the possession of family or friends


Dick Van Patten (Market Clerk)  died 6/23/15, “Crossing the King’s Highway”), “Quiet Kill” (04), Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star”(03), “Eight is Enough” TV series


Don Dubbins (Pete Conway, Cdr Jay Russell) – died 8/17/91 of cancer, “A Death in California” (85), “Capitol”(84)


Don Ho (himself) – died 4/14/07 - musician – has done many television shows playing himself


Don Rickles (Kiski) – filming “The Wool Cap” (04), “Toy Story” (and sequels), “Dennis the Menace Strikes Again” (98)


Ed Peck (Charlie Merkle) - died 9/12/92, best known as Officer Kirk in “Happy Days”; body donated to medical science.


Ed Prentiss (General) – died 3/19/92, many voiceovers for Warner Bros., “The Barefoot Executive” (71)


Farrah Fawcett (Tina) – died 6/25/09,  The Cookout” (04), “Jewel”(01), “Charlie’s Angels” TV and movies; buried in Pierce Bros. Westwood (same as Sidney Sheldon)


Florence Sundstrom (Mama Jeannie I) – died 6/25/01, “Pacific Heights” (90) and “Roseanne” (95)


Frank DeVol (Hennessy, Hamid)– died 10/27/99, musician who composed many themes and guested as a Musician or pianist; buried at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, CA.


Gabriel Dell (Cousin Arvel) - died 7/3/88, “The Escape Artist” (82) , “Legends of the Superheroes”(79)


Gary Owens (himself) – died 2/12/15, voiceovers for “Buzz Lightyear(opening sequence, uncredited), “Space Quest VI(95), many other voiceovers


George Furth (Farnum)  died 8/11/08, “Goodbye Lover”(98), “Bulworth(98), “Oh, God”(77). “Blazing Saddles”(74)

George Schlatter (himself) – producer, executive producer, and writer


Hal Taggart (Mr. Nelson) - died 12/7/71, many uncredited roles including the pilot for The Partridge Family TV shows (desk clerk).


Harold Gould (Mr. Winkler, General Whetherby) – died 9/11/10, “Nobody’s Perfect” (04), Brother Bear(voiceover 03), “Freaky Friday”(03), “Dallas”(Mr. Wexler, Season 13)


Hoyt Axton (Bull) – died 10/26/99 (one day before DeVol!), musician; buried at Riverview Cemetery, Hamilton, Montana.


J. Carrol Naish (Bilejik) – died 1/24/73 of emphysema, “Dracula vs. Frankenstein” (71); buried at Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, in Section G, Lot 1098, Plot 22.


J. Pat O’Malley (Paw, Judge Miller) – died 2/27/85, “Freedom” (81), “Maude” TV series (75-77)


Jack Riley (Frank) – voice of Stu Pickles in “Rugrats”, voiceovers on “Recess”, Elliott Carlin on “The Bob Newhart Show”, still friends with Bill Daily


Jack Smith (Congressman Widdicomb, Distinguished Man, Reverend Weems)– last credit was “The Barefoot Executive” (71)


Jackie Coogan (Suleiman “Uncle Sully”) - died 3/1/84, “The Prey” (84), “Addams Family” Uncle Fester voiceover’; buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, CA (same as Hayden Rorke and Emmaline Henry), Section F, Tier 56, Grave 47


Jamie Farr (Achmed) – "Cyber Meltdown” (04), “Port Charles” TV series, Corporal Klinger on M*A*S*H


Jane Dulo (Maj. Fiefield, Julia, Burly Nurse) – died 5/22/94, “Beaches”(88), “Oh God! You Devil” (84), “Gimme a Break” TV series


Jerry Quarry (himself) – died 01/03/99, always played a boxer in a lot of tv. Latest was “Knight Rider” (86)


Jim Backus (Gen. Charlie Fitzhugh) – died 7/3/89, Gilligan movies, voiceovers on cartoons; buried in same cemetery as Sidney Sheldon, Pierce Brothers Westwood Village, CA.


Jimmy Jarratt (Tony Jr “Birds & Bees Bit”) – no information available


Joe Flynn (Dr Corbett) – died 7/19/74, “Superdad”(74), “Barefoot Executive” (71), “Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes” (69); buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, CA (same as Hayden Rorke and Emmaline Henry), Section W, Tier 020, Grave 75.


John Milford – died 8/14/00, “Primary Colors” (98), “Show and Tell” 998), “Wounded

            Heart”” (95)


Jorja Curtwright- Sidney Sheldon’s wife, died 5/11/85; buried with Sidney at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village, CA.


Joseph Perry (Bartender. Sgt. Marion) – died 2/23/2000, “Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II” (89), lots of guest roles


Judy Carne (Sheila Bellows, herself) – died 9/3/15, guest appearances as herself, lives in England


June Jocelyn (Mrs. Nelson) – died 4/11/87. The last credit she had was on “The Wedding” episode for IDOJ.


Karen Sharpe (Melissa Stone) – Stanley Kramer’s wife til his death in 01


Kate Murtagh (Agnes) – “The Maker” (97) and “The Roots of Evil” (92)


Kathleen Freeman (Sally, Maw) – Died 8/23/01, friend of Jerry Lewis’ and had been in many of his movies. “Shrek” (voiceover 01), “Nutty Professor II”(00)


Kathleen Hughes (Sue) - “Revenge”(90), TV movies


Kerry Mac Lane (Joey) – voice of Mario on Cricket in Times Square (73). Child actor only.


Kimberly Beck (Gina) -“Secret Life of Girls”(99), “Independence Day”(96), “Killing Zoe”(94), appeared at Hollywood Celebrities Show, Burbank, October 2006


Larry Storch (Sam) - “Bittersweet Place”(05), “The Funkhousers”(02), “SOB”(81), “The Woman Hunter”(72)


Lorette Strome (Jeannie Jr) - no information.


Lurene Tuttle (Mama Jeannie II) - died 5/28/86, “Evil Town”(87), “It Came Upon The Midnight Clear”(84); buried at Forest Lawn Glendale, CA, in the Whsipering Pines section, Log 1570.


Mako (Jeannie Kato, episode 4) - died 7/21/06. Many shows and very instrumental in bringing Asian-American actors into featured roles.


Marvin Kaplan (Perkins) - “Revenge of the Nerds”(94), “Becker”(98)


Maureen McCormick (Susan) - “Shock Video 2002”, “Jane White is Sick and Twisted”(02),             Various appearances and Brady show movies


Michael Ansara (Blue Djinn, King Kamehameha, Biff Jellico) – died 7/31/13, “Battman” voiceovers, “Long Road Home”(99), buried with son Michael (son with Barbara Eden)


Michael Lipton (Helasco)  died 2/10/12, “Intent to Kill” (93), “Windows” (80), Somerset soap opera (70-76)


Mike Farrell (Astronaut Arland) -“Providence” (99), “Superman” TV series voiceovers, narrator for shows on Discovery/History Channel, MASH TV series


Milton Berle (Charles) - died 3/27/02 of colon cancer, “Two Heads Are Better Than None”(00); buried at Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, CA.


Ned Glass (Mr. Beamish) - died 6/15/84, “Street Music” (81), “Bridget Loves Bernie” TV series (72); cremated.


Ned Wertimer (Montjoy) – died 1/2/13,  Chiller” (85), “The Practice” TV series


Pancho Segura (himself) – tennis player


Parley Baer (Gen. Whitfield) -died 11/22/02 of stroke, “Last of the Dogmen”(95), “Roswell” (94), “Young and the Restless


Paul Lynde (Harry Huggins, Allen Kerr) - died 1/10/82 of complications due to substance abuse, “The Villain” (79), “Charlotte’s Web” and other voiceovers (72); buried at Amity Cemetery, Knox County, Ohio.


Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales (Pedro, Jose Smith) -died 2/6/06 - “Dazzle” (95), “Chisum”(70). Buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, culver City, New Mausoleum, Block 10, Tier F-1. (Same cemetery as Hayden Rorke and Emmaline Henry.)


Phil Spector (Steve Davis) -producer of recorded music, currently (07) in trouble with the law


Philip Ober (General Stone) -died 9/13/82, joined US Consular Service in Mexico in late 60s, “Assignment to Kill” (68) last acting gig. Buried in the Chapel of the Pines Crematory, Los Angeles.


Reta Shaw (Col. Finch, Annie) - died 1/8/82, “Escape to Witch Mountain”(75), “Ghost and Mrs. Muir” TV series; buried at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, CA, in the Columbarium of Remembrance, niche 60402


Richard Deacon (Harley Pool) – died 8/8/84, “Growing Pains”, “Still the Beaver”, “Hoboken Chicken Emergency”; cremated.


Richard Kiel (Ali) – died9/10/14, James Bond movies as “Jaws”, “Inspector Gadget”(99),

            Happy Gilmore”(96), “Van Dyke and Company” TV series


Richard Mulligan (Cdr. Wingate) - died 9/26/00 of cancer, “Dogs Best Friend”(97), “Oliver and Company” voiceover (88), “SOB”(81); cremated.


Robert Hogan (Wingate “Solid Gold…”) – “Sleepy Time Gal” (01), Little Man (99), soaps: One Life to Live (95-98,00), As the World Turns (91-92), Another World (87-89, 91)


Romo Vincent (Pedro) - died 1/16/89, “Dawn: A Portrait of a Teenaged Runaway”(76)


Ron Masak (MacWhorter) – Mark Twain’s Greatest Adventure (pre-production 04), The Stoneman (02)., voiceover on “Snowden on Ice” (97)


Ronald Long (Sir Widgin Willingham, Uncle Azmire) - died 10/23/86, “Wonder Woman” (74), “Columbo”(72)


Roosevelt “Rosie” Grier (Sam) – “White Shadow” TV series, “Roots: The Next Generation” , The Rosie Grier Show TV


Ruth McDevitt (Mrs. Horlick) - died 5/27/76, “One of My Wives is Missing”(76), “All in the Family” TV series; buried at Pierce Bros. Westwood Village (same as Sidney Sheldon)


Sammy Davis, Jr (himself) - died 5/16/90, “Tap”(89); buried at Forest Lawn Glendale, Garden of Honor, left side.


Sandra Gould (Mrs. Flaherty/maid) - died 7/20/99, “The Nutt House”(92), “Barefoot Executive”(71)


Shannon Farnon (Helen Wheeler) – Laker Girls”, “Forbidden Dance”, many voiceovers


Spring Byington (Mrs. Nelson) – died 9/7/71. Her last credit was “Meet My Master’s Mother” on IDOJ; body donated to medical science.


Susan Howard (Sue, Salesgirl) -lives outside of Austin, TX and is politically involved. “Dallas” and “Petrocelli


Ted Cassidy (Habib) - died 1/16/79, “Godzilla” voiceovers, “New Fantastic Four” voiceovers, “Incredible Hulk”; cremated.


Ted DeCorsia (Mr. Phillips, Two Gun Richard) - died 4/11/73, “Delta Factor”(70); body donated to medical science.


Teddy Quinn (Tony Jr “Blackmail…”) – “Street Sisters” (72) - seems to be a child actor no longer involved in the business


Tommy Boyce (himself) - committed suicide in Nashville


Vic Tayback (Turhan) -died 5/25/90, “Horseplayer”(90), “Criminal Act”(89), “Alice” TV series; buried at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, Sheltering Hills Plot 3813


Vince Howard (Conway) – General Hospital”, “Lethal Weapon”, “Barnaby Jones” TV series, “Barefoot Executive” (71), Emergency TV series (played a cop of his same name, a common thing on this show)


Wayne Rogers (Tony Nelson, 15 Years Later movie) – died 12/31/15 of complications from pneumonia, “M*A*S*H” TV series (Trapper John McIntire)


Woodrow Parfrey (Henry Tracy, Charles Fakeling, Mr. Farber)-died 7/29/84, “Sting II”(84), “Jinxed”(82), “Back to the Planet of the Apes”(81), “No Place to Run”(71)’’; buried in Los Angeles National Cemetery, LA, CA


Xavier Nash (Corporal, Mailman, Technician) – no other credits listed except IDOJ.



NOTE: The following people associated with “I Dream of Jeannie” were on Disney’s 1971 version of the movie, “The Barefoot Executive”:


Bill Daily

Hayden Rorke

Ed Prentiss

Jack Smith

Joe Flynn

Sandra Gould

Vince Howard




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