NASA Astronaut

Anthony Nelson was destined to be an astronaut:  Tall, handsome, smart and straight laced all American.   DID I MENTION HANDSOME???   He's an astronaut in the US Air Force.  His best friend is Roger Healey.   Dr. Bellows has an open file on Tony.  Mrs. Bellows is also trying to get to the bottom of things.   

Anthony Nelson graduated from Fowlers Corners High School he received a bachelor of science degree in Geological Science with highest honors from Ohio State University in 1962.   Upon graduation from OSU, Anthony Nelson entered the United States Air Force. 

Captain Nelson was an Air Force pilot trained at NASA.   He received his Air Force wings and on February 1966 Captain Nelson was promoted to a Major.  Major Nelson made his first Apollo flight with Army Captain Roger Healey and Navy Commander Leslie Wingate. 

Captain Nelson's first flight was Mercury MA-10 was on September 18, 1965.  The mission almost ended in tragedy when something went wrong and the capsule Stardust I landed far-off course on an island in the South Pacific.  He finds a very unique bottle while searching for items to spell out SOS on the beach.  He uncorks the bottle and out comes a beautiful genie.   "THERE MUST BE A WAY TO PLEASE THEE, MASTER" and from that moment on she plays spin the astronauts. 

Tony lives in Cocoa Beach Florida with a beautiful genie he found on an island in the South Pacific.   On December 2, 1969 Anthony Nelson and Jeannie marry.  They later have a daughter, Janae Antionette, and a son named Anthony Nelson Jr.   Anthony's hobbies are building aircraft models, snorkeling, reading, and history.  He's also tried his hand on magic.  In February 1979, Anthony was promoted to Colonel. 


No one can play the part of Major Nelson except Larry Hagman.  Larry Hagman was born September 21, 1931 in Weatherford Texas.  His parents are Benjamin Hagman and movie and stage actress Mary Martin.   During the 1940's and 1950's Larry appeared in more then 50 plays and musicals.  He worked with his mother in a London production of South Pacific.  In 1952 Larry joined the US Air Force.  In 1954 Larry Married Maj Axelson a Swedish fashion designer.    In 1965 Larry got the role that made Larry a star.  He played Major Anthony Nelson for five seasons opposite the beautiful Barbara Eden in I Dream of Jeannie.   In 1971 Larry was again reunited with Barbara Eden in a made for TV movie A Howling in the Woods.  In 1978 Larry landed the role of the infamous JR Ewing Jr on Dallas.  This is the role Larry was born to play.   Larry Hagman is the all-powerful J.R. Ewing whose pursuit of money and clout knows no limits, along with Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal, Charlene Tilton, Linda Gray, Barbara Bel Geddes, Jim Davis, Steve Kanaly, and Ken Kercheval as Texas sons and daughters whose lives revolve around oil, family and power, in the television drama, Dallas (1978-1991).

Larry was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and on August 23, 1995 he underwent a liver transplant.  In December 2004 he celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary.  Larry and his wife Maj live in Ojai, California; they have two children and 5 grandchildren. 

By Darlin' 

Film credits film credits

1964 Ensign Pulver
1964 Fail Safe
1965 In Harm's Way
1966 The Group
1970 Up in the Cellar
1970 Beware of the Blob (Directed by Larry)
1972 Applause
1972 No Place to Run
1972 Getting Away from it all
1973 The Toy Game
1973 Antonio
1973 What are Best Friends for?
1973 Blood Sport
1973 The Alpha Caper
1974 Harry and Tonto
1974 Hurricane
1974 Stardust
1975 The Big Rip-off
1976 Mother, Jugs & Speed
1976 The Big Bus
1976 The Eagle Has Landed
1976 The Return of the World's Greatest Detective
1977 Checkered Flag
1977 Cry for Justice
1977 Intimate Strangers
1978 Superman
1978 The President's Mistress
1978 A Double Life
1981 S.O.B.
1982 Deadly Encounter
1995 Nixon
1998 Primary Colors